“Two friends, a folding bike, 10 cities, 1000 km endless stories to tell”

BromptoRando, the adventure starts on "Friday 14 April 2023" prepared



For the last four and a half years, we have been dedicated to dream up the BromptoRando. From the early beginning we can count on the support and the positive feedback of many of you.

Thanks for this.

Japan is a confusing and puzzling country. We would like to thank our friends: Joseph Kuosac from Taiwan and Reina from Japan whose contributions, and little hands during last year event were invaluable.

Table of contents:

1 - Yes, the BromptoRando is challenging and demanding, but it is not a race.

2 - Who are we?

3 - Warnings Ground Rules Travelling from Tokyo airports to downtown Tokyo

4 - Pre-start briefing

5 – Bus and Ferries

6 - Ok, ready ?

7 - The BromptoRando Finish Party

8 - Re-supply points and accomodation

9 - Entry and registration


We do understand competition. And yet, we don’t see the BromptonRando as a race. It is an adventure. It is an experience.

What makes us ride our bike? It certainly is about going fast and going high. But not only. Your BromptoRando adventure is also about opening your eyes, enjoying the sceneries, trying to get a grasp of the culture of this country, meeting some of the locals and enjoying the company of fellow entrants.

It is not about competing against the others. It is about challenging yourself. The difference is subtle.

So, challenge yourself, breathe Japanese air, and enjoy ride with us!



Born and Bred roman but naturalised Japanese, four years ago and lived in Tokyo ever since. I am an ex-pro-Brompton-rider, 2 times (yes twice) World Champion in the category of the "Brompton World Team" raced in London UK where I lived for three years. I have worked with bicycles all my life and particularly with Brompton bicycles. I hope to see you soon in one of my Brompton tours around the World!


Born in Rome in 1976, always passionate about endurance sports, participated in the toughest races in the world (ironman, 24h ciclismo, marathon des sables), became passionate about Brompton in 2012 winning various team and individual the last few years he has turned his attention to the world of cycling with a passion for using Brompton for long journeys around the world.


To understand the spirit of the BromptoRando take a quick look in the dictionary for the definition of the word “Rando”. It is a long series of wanderings and adventures, filled with notable experiences and hardships.

Entrants will go us and supported across Japan, over a distance of about 900 kilometres. The BromptoRando s ridden entirely at the entrants’ own risks. Don’t attempt this event unprepared, as no one will be there to rescue you. And stay always acutely conscious of your own limitations.


  1. They will have to be ready for a demanding adventure. They will endure days of consecutive 9 to 12 hours on the saddle.

Thus, we want every entrants to understand and to agree that one elects voluntary to take part in The BromptonRando and assume all risks of lost, damage, injury and death that may be sustained. We should not be liable for any death or personal injury suffered by an entrant arising from its participation in the BromptoRando. They also agree to release us from and against any claims, demands, proceedings of any nature whatsoever which may be made by them or on their behalf in respect of any loss, damage, injury and death caused to them or their property as a result of their participation in the BromptoRando.


  1. In Japan, ride on the left side of the road.

  2. It is a requirement that entrants obey all traffic regulations. On a bicycle you basically follow the same rule as a car. That means stopping at all stop signs and red lights, and yielding the right of way. Remember to use hand signals when turning, slowing down or stopping.

  3. For your safety, and the safety of others, don’t use your radios and mp3 while cycling.

  4. Cyclists must yield the right of way to pedestrians. Do not ride on sidewalks except on those with ‘Pedestrians and Bicycles’ signs.

  5. Traffic in big cities and on major highways can be very heavy and dangerous, and wouldn’t be pleasant. Wherever possible, try to avoid large cities and stay on smaller local roads, which are generally quieter.

  6. It is your responsibility to have your bicycle well maintained and follow the marshal ( Giacomo and Alessandro

  7. It is your responsibility to carry all the necessary repair equipment.

  8. Don’t forget to take with you warm clothes and rain clothes.

  9. It is your responsibility to have enough water and food supplies with you.


The BromptoRando is NOT a race. Mutual aid and solidarity can be essential. Thus, we emphasize the camaraderie spirit and allow entrants to ride together.

We set some few rules in order to put on an enjoyable and safe adventure, and to ensure equal opportunity within the entrants.

  1. Entrants must be over 18.

  2. Follow the Japanese Road Code.

  3. When riding, it is mandatory to wear a helmet.

  4. It is mandatory to have a front and a rear light . Check them regularly (as well as your brakes).

  5. Entrants must subscribe an insurance or agree to cover the cost of rescue in the event they need to be evacuated.

  6. Entrants must carry their own gear. Posting stuff anywhere prior to the start is forbidden.

  7. Entrants can ride together. They also can rely on each other for mechanical assistance and general support.

The BromptoRando is, by its nature. So please, play by the rules. Be respectful to the others. Do not litter. And enjoy.


Everyone knows Tokyo. But no one knows Tokyo.

Almost everything has been written about the city. It is the most populous metropolis in the world, with more than 37 millions inhabitants. It is urban and fast paced. And bullet trains are connecting the capital with the rest of the country. But Tokyo has a lot more to offer. The city may be forever reaching into the future, but you still see traces of the past and of the Shogun’s era. Tokyo is a modern city built on old patterns where you can find cobblestone lanes, older neighbourhoods and quiet and dark streets.

Tokyo has two airports: Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. Cycling from there to the city centre makes for one of the more unusual beginnings to a Tokyo trip. But it is an option only if you’re up for the challenge after your long flight and the arrival process of getting through custom and immigration services. Indeed, be prepared for an exhausting and hectic ride. Haneda and Narita airports are approximately 25 and 75 kilometres from Tokyo downtown.

Otherwise, Japan Rail East’s trains run between both Airports and major metropolitan stations including Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

For more information including prices and timetables, please visit: Tokyo Narita: Tokyo Haneda:


We will hold a pre-start briefing on the morning of Thursday 13 April . Exact location and time of meeting will be communicated later on.

It is an informal and friendly meeting. We will have the opportunity to meet and to get to know each other. We will take time to have the use of the GPS demonstrated, and to make sure everyone is at ease with their operation. It will also be your final opportunity to ask your burning and thorny questions.

For those who can’t make it on time for the pre-start briefing, we will meet the next morning on the starting line, Friday 14 April at 8:00 am in the morning Hiratsuka Station

See you in Tokyo.


During our trip we will make two passes to cross non-cycling-bridges. It is important that each participant is provide with a cover for the Brompton ( Cover bag )


It is impossible to starve in Japan. Konbini is the Japanese word for convenience stores. They are everywhere in Japan, and in medium and big cities are open all day round.

Konbinis are a favourite stop for most cyclists. They are huge chains, so the uniformity means you can be sure of getting the same wide range of relatively healthy food and drink, plus lots of snacks crap.

They are offering a wide range of products and services. They will provide you with fresh and healthy items: salads, fruits(expensive), sandwiches, bento boxes (rice- vegetables-fish/meat). It is the cheapest way to eat in Japan. You also may use them to do your banking, as your international card is mostly accepted on their ATMs. (We had the most success with 7-Eleven’s ATMs ; Lawson or Family Mart, no so much.)


Before you commit to enter, take a good look at this manual. Make sure to read with extreme care and attention the WARNINGS and GROUND RULES sections. And remember, the BromptoRando is very challenging.

However, having previous participation in bike endurance events will give you helpful experience.

You are required to be at least 18 years old to take part in the BromptoRando.

You also need to be an experienced cyclist and you must be sufficiently trained to undertake this tough and demanding adventure.

You also need have Brompton setup for long distance trip : ( 44 chainring, 6 speed, front bag, (S-bags or Mini O bag ,no T-bags or similar) , Seat saddle Bag 10 lt (no rack), Bromtpon Marathon tires (perfect condition), 4 inner tube original Brompton, extra piece chain for your Brompton, tools for quick repairs, first aid kit, sunglasses ) more details we will send later

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit enough to complete the adventure, that you are in good health, and do not have any illness that will hinder your ability to complete the BromptoRando.

It is also your responsibility to check and monitor your condition during the adventure and to withdraw if you are no longer fit to continue.


  1. Send us a sweet email if you are in and by our side for this adventure. Give us the following information: Last Name

  2. First Name Gender Date of birth E-mail address Postal address Nationality

  3. We will email you back both an entry disclaimer attestation and the Bank account number for the entry fee.

  4. Sign and send back the entry disclaimer. Your registration is confirmed.

  5. Train. Hard.


The entry fee of 1831 USD for the 2023 BromptoRando and includes :

9 nights in hostel/hotel, 2 Tour leaders, 1 Brompton mechanic, 1 Official T-shirt, Bike Number, GPS Official track.

Not includes : meals, drinks, train and bus tickets, fly.


Mr Giacomo Elia

Mail :

WA +818013089871