Hokkaido Tour 2020


13th to 18th august

A long ride at the top of Japan.

Tour: 13.08 – 18.08. 2020 (registration date until 03.06.2020)

To Cape Soya, the cyclist's dream...

It's quite busy with tourists headed for Cape Soya or Rishiri and Rebun, two outlying islands.

Start in Asahikawa Airport /End the tour Wakkanai Airport

Travel program

1 day : km 0

Entrance: 16:00 arrival and check-in Art Hotel Asahikawa – Welcome party - Briefing – Bike handover – Test ride – Dinner with all group and Tour leader

2 day: 8:00 am – km 82

Departure :AsahikawaWassamu Michi-no-Eki Ehon no Sato Kenbuchi (lunch) – visit Lake Shumarinai / Trasfer in Hotel, dinner.

3 day: 7:45 am – km 112

Departure Nayoro - Bifuka Sturgeon Center (lunch) - Otoineppu- Teshio Onsen Hotel, dinner.

4 day: 8:30 am – km 70

Departure : Teshio - Bakkai (lunch)- Wakkanai Dorm inn Hotel, dinner

5 day: 9:00 am - km 68

Departure : Wakkanai – Soya park - Cape Soya (lunch) - Wakkanai Dorm inn Hotel, dinner.

6 day: Last day 11:00 am check out - Private Trasfer for Wakkanai airport

Travel Information

Km: 370

Bike: Brompton 6 speed / 44 chainrings

Overnight stays: Hotel rooms: single or double

Registration date: until 3th may 2019


5 Overnight stays with breakfast

All visits, entry fees, guided tours, tour leader

Not included:

Lunch and dinner

Drinks and expenses

Liability and travel cancellation insurance

5 Days


To be comfy on the saddle it is important to pack light and in an optimized manner. The support car will carry our luggage.

Here’s our suggestion:

1 Brompton Bag, 1 small trolley (50lt) “Take 3 rule”: underware, socks, shorts (2 for cycling, 1 pant for the evening), shirts (2 for cycling, one for the evening). + 1 pajamas, 1 pair of shoes (for all day), 1 bathing suit, 1 light fleece jacket, waterproof raingear (for shoes also!), 1 arm warmers, 1 pair of gloves, 1 culture bag with sunscreen, disinfectant, healing ointment, moskito repellent, helmet, sunglasses, water bottle, camera, recharger, passport. On the trip we will use private laundrettes to wash our clothes.

Price and info

Meeting Point : 4:00 pm Asahikawa Art Hotel (Google maps)

Languages: English, Italiano

Tour distance : 370 km

Price for person SR* : 1.300.00 USD (*Single room) - DR* : 950.00 USD (Double Room)

Includes: 5 days in Hotel 3-4 stars w / breakfast, support car, tour leader, Brompton mechanic, private trasfer airport to hotel and return.

BOOK NOW - WHATSAPP : +818013089871

Lake Shumarinai

Sarobetsu Genya Wetland

Cape Soya

Soba Fields

Toyotomi Onsen

Lake Shumarinai